Thursday, September 20, 2007

My little sister

My little sister is getting married! She's my one and only sister and now she has grown up.

I am one of those people who used to see and think that my little sister is still my little sister. To me, she's that little girl, who is just simply naive and has more to learn. I refuse to give-in to the fact that she's a grown up adult until now.

My sister is my best friend as well. We share some funny moments together and share many things as well. She's very calm and patient and has great personality who always thinks of her family and friends.

As a baby, she was very weak and was warded to the ICU ward. There wasn't much hope for my parents at that time until a few days later when a miracle happened. Anyway, that is a story for another day.

She was always the baby of the family and in school she always did the best to catch up in everything. It was a big surprise to us when she wanted to take her Masters in Economics and passed with flying colours, being in the 2nd place in the whole of her university, losing only to a lecturer. She presented her case in front of many deans and lecturers from Malaysia, Asia and NZ and was also offered a partial scholarship from a Australian dean.

Though having a Masters in her hands, she is never one who shows off and willingly starts from the bottom in any company that she works for. Her desire is still to become a teacher in the secondary school. She is very humble and definitely is a big blessing to the husband she's going to marry.

I'm happy on the day I found out about her up-coming wedding in December that I cannot sleep. It's like how a mother would be excited for her daughter who is getting married.

Much love to my little sister...


chanelwong said...

Congrats!!!your sis getting Dec is coming soon...

Baby Smooches said...

thanks, Chanel.

Wen said...

congrats to ur sis! how old is ur sis anyway?
imagine Eryn getting married..

Health Freak Mommy said...

Your bb sister is one tough cookie! Your parents must be really proud of her. Yup, how old is she?

Baby Smooches said...

She's turning 29 in November.... life takes us through the process of a cycle and it's so wonderful to see her having someone to care for her now.


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