Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sarawak trip (part 1)

Hubby's company organised a company family trip to Kuching over the 3 days Merdeka break and we took the 2 kids along with us. We've always wanted to plan for a trip to Sarawak and the opportunity arised, and it's free!

We had to get up before 6am to get ready and reach hubby's office in Shah Alam by 7am. From there, we are to take the bus to the KLIA airport for our 11am+ flight to Kuching. Upon arrival at Kuching, our tour guide brought us to Satok town for a short lunch break before heading to our accomodation place.S

Our tour guide did a very good join in briefing us on Kuching and the many beautiful tribes that exist there. With the many legends and histories of Sarawak, the place gives me the impression that it's mystical, enchanting and very exotic.

Though "kuching" is the malay word for "cat", the tour guide told us that Kuching was named after after a town where one of the relative to Brooke used to stay. It was also believed to be named after the mata kucing fruit.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Damai Beach Resort. The resort is situated in Santubong, which is around 40 minutes drive from Kuching, and is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest with a view of Gunung Santubong.

We were allocated a very nice and comfy family room chalet by the beach, overlooking the South China Sea. The kids were practically thrilled riding on the bus to the airport, getting on the airplane, riding on the bus again, jumping on the beds and running all over the place!! Boy, looks like we parents and the kids have different views at this vacation and definitely different view in addressing our term of a "quiet and peaceful holiday". hahaha

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