Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fire Drill

I happened to go to the office yesterday where I'm currently working freelance and had to undergo a fire drill! When the siren sounded, all the staff were ordered to follow procedures in using the staircase down to the open car park. And there we were, all staff of ntv7, standing under the hot, scorching sun!

The bomba people were there and there was a real water spraying onto the roof of ntv7. Hmm... I do wonder why the water were brown in colour. Some of us joked that the water came from the toilet. It could be that the tank has not been in used and had probably turned rusty or something.

Anyway, there was the loooong demonstration and talk on fire prevention. Some staff were asked to give a hand it putting out the fire. One thing I learnt from the drill was never to pour water onto a fire caused by oil as this would make the fire get bigger!

The "woos" and the "wahs" and the clapping were quite an amusing sight. Factory workers from the surrounding factory lots and passer-bys stopped their car by the roadside to join in the "fun".

Come to think of it, how many of us do actually know what to expect and not panic in facing a real-life situation, in being caught in a fire? I don't think I would know about not pouring water onto a fire caused by oil, nor would I know the proper way of holding a fire extinguisher.

Speaking of fire drills, I'd better get one small fire extinguisher for the house to be on standby.


MamaJo said... also...really black out if there is my mind, whenever I see fire, used water, he,he....:P. Now, I know cannot wor.

Mommy said...

gee, ntv7 firedrill so canggih one ar? our firedrill here very cheh-kai only; assemble downstairs, then wait for further instructions to return to our office. sometimes if the bomba hardworking, we would see some water sprayed from a tiny hose to probably the first floor window. that's it! kl and shah alam punya bomba so different! actually, if you give me one fire extinguisher also i probably won't know how to use...*paiseh* if see fire, just run for my life!
-pek imm

chanelwong said...

my company also did that some months ago..aiyoo.very hot..

Baby Smooches said...

Chanel, some of my colleagues came ready with umbrellas, some went to get it from their car. Some went under the tree and some totally went missing - yam cha some where. :D


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