Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"My Generasi" : Generation X

For a while, I felt like a school girl again while looking at this lovely video which brings me warm memories. Produced by JinnyboyTV, the video titled "My Generasi" (My Generation) truly highlights some of the basic stuffs we used to do many, many years back. It brings out mixed emotions, it made me smile and laugh at all the fun and things we used to do.

We didn't need handphones, computers, facebook or any of the current technology to keep us entertained. I remember running and sweating it out under the hot sun before our afternoon school session starts. I remember the five stones and cepers which used to entertain us during breaks. I remember just simply staying back in school to train for my sports training or just hanging out with friends in school.

We played "belon-acar" (galah panjang), police and thief, hide-and-seek and the traditional games back then. There were no computer games for us, at least not for me.  Calls were made from house phone or public pay phones. There was very less TV too. Video tapes rentals were a luxury.

These are just some of the nostalgic moments. What were yours back then?


Rose said...

Yes, remember we used to watch drama series from video tapes, not like now, watch from DVD. And I got chance to use the old phone that you need to turn, instead of pressing the buttons.

chanelwong said...

Those were the days...I will never forget all those wonderful memories...


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