Friday, March 9, 2012

Banjir, oh Banjir

With the latest flash flood in KL (again!), I seriously feel that there’s too much of a kampong mentality in some people. You practically see rubbish everywhere you go in Malaysia.
Imagine that DBKL claims that they collect approximately 20 tonnes of garbage every single day from the KL rivers. Eeww.... and you still see people fishing in these rivers. Cleanliness seems to be the least of the concern for these people.
The not so SMART tunnel had to be closed because of the flood effect. I kind of wonder what would happen when the new “River of Life” project is implemented.
You go to the makan stall, you see hawkers throwing food waste inside the longkang beside their stalls. I happened to wait inside a car for hubby who went to buy something, just right behind one very famous dim sum shop in Puchong one fine afternoon. I saw their foreign workers piling up all the unwashed dishes into a huge basin and proceed to pour dish washing liquid into it and give a quick wash to the dishes before rinsing it into another huge tub of supposedly clean water which has been used repeatedly. After the whole washing, the first tub of water was poured into the drain, just like the colour of the local dark kopi in our local coffee shops. You see pieces of food, bones, plastics and don’t-know-what on the floor. The works were barefooted too. I had wanted to take out my phone to videotape the whole thing, but  the workers knew that I was observing them.
One thing I hate most is when people start clearing their throat out loud and start spitting around.  The ones chewing on the betel nut leaves are the worst. Already we have people burping and farting like it’s their right to do so in public, especially those who get great pleasure in burping right after meals, the louder the better.
Then, you see those garbage truck with those leachate leaking out from their trucks everywhere they go. Have you ever seen those huge garbage containers filled up with garbage inside out? Gosh, I don’t ever remember seeing any on these containers without garbage surrounding it, not to mention the smell.
When it comes to public toilets, especially the ladies toilets (not sure about the men’s toilet), the floors are always wet, including the ones in some office buildings. One office cleaner complaint that each time she mopped the floor dry (and she reuse the same water from the same pail to mop and re-mop), some women just like to splash water everywhere inside the toilet. I can’t agree with her more. I don’t know what these people do inside when they go to the toilet. It’s like as though they’ve just bathed in there. 
So you see, it’s the MENTALity on some people who do not see the wrong in doing these kind of things and wouldn’t give a damn what others think but make helluva noise when they get affected in some way or another.
My symphaties to friends and those who got stuck in those horrendous jam the other day, and those whose cars were stuck in the flood. This "River of Life" project better be good. I hope it's not one of those not-so-smart projects with billions spent on it.

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