Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eryn enters primary one

It is now Eryn's turn to go to primary school. She seems pretty excited and knowing that she can cope well, I didn't feel so stressed up preparing her for her first day of school yesterday.

Brendan used to be an extremely shy boy but he was ok when he was in standard one. So, Eryn will definitely be ok too.

I went to school during Eryn's recess time yesterday, thinking that I was half hour early, but found that the standard one children were already queueing up, preparing to go back to their classrooms. I had bought chocolate milk for the kids and only managed to pass to Brendan. Luckily Eryn finished the bread I packed for her this morning.

During Brendan's time in standard one, there were a total of 11 classes compared to Eryn's year at only 6 classes this year. It's still chaotic though cos all the kids looks alike from the side or from the back in the standard blue and white uniform. I could only locate Eryn when I located her class queue. Even that also I found that she looked different as I've just cut her hair two days before school starts.

With Eryn being in the second batch of the new KSSR syllabus, I hope she can cope well in school. She can't reach much of chinese yet, as compared to Brendan.

This is the part and parcel of many parents' life when their kids enter school. Always a new phase as we go along our journey in life.

The standard one crowded during recess time.

Taken during school orientation day on 30th Dec 2011.


chanelwong said...

JL school super sardine... Imagine 16 classes each std with about 40 students per class.

Recess time..speechlesss...

Eryn,welcome to new phase if life...

slavemom said...

Yeah, I know wat u mean abt the kids all looking the same in their uniform. And their bags r all the same color too -- pink for girls. :)
Btw, Happy New Year to u and ur family, Sharon!

chinnee ( said...

Sharon, how come only left 6 classes and not more than her Korkor's time? Where did those kids go to then?

Babysmooches said...

Chanel, I can imagine. That's why I didn't go to school today. I'm sure the kids are independent enough :P
Slavemom, you're right!! Pink everywhere and the hair is either short or in ponytails.
Chin Nee, Brendan's time, the standard 3 were in the morning. This year, they squeeze the current standard 3 to the afternoon. Thus, lesser class to cater for more students. So, a lot of students got rejected as well.


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