Saturday, May 7, 2011

Apam balik

This afternoon, the kids and I decided to get into a simple cooking activity. Hubby has been asking me to make apam balik (a type of pancake with crushed peanuts and sweet corn filling) and so, being a first-timer in making apam balik, I decided that the kids should join in the fun as well. They were thrilled at the idea of having to 'play' with flour.

Here, the pictures speak for itself.

Brendan and Eryn being very serious and careful in measuring the flour and sieving flour respectively.
Brendan cracking eggs into a bowl while Eryn playing with flour.

From top left to bottom : the batter, apam balik in the making, the kids at the kitchen stove. Right : Brendan pouring water while eryn is stirring. I'm supposed to use milk instead of water but totally forgotten about it when the kitchen got messed up.

The ready to eat apam balik. It's not so fluffy like the ones sold in pasar malam but still, it is very tasty.

Brendan and Eryn enjoying their apam balik very much.

My pretty decent looking apam balik.


michelle@mybabybay said...

I bet it is extra delicious...*yummy*

chanelwong said...

i am sure it is very very yummy....


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