Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brendan's value of money

As I watch my kids grow day by day, I am reminded of their uniqueness and the special personality in them. They never fail to amaze me with surprises every now and then.

When it comes to money, I've come to realise that Brendan will be someone who would be very careful with his money. He doesn't really know how big the value of money can grow but he can be quite frugal when it comes to money sense.

Just recently, while we were having pan mee for dinner, a salesman walked into the restaurant and showed my kids some toys.

I've always taught my kids that we should never shun these people and the least we can do is just smile and politely decline them as they've spent hours walking around shops and restaurants trying to sell their stuffs. At times, I'd kind of threaten them that they would have to resort to that if they refuse to study hard. hehehehe.

Anyway, Eryn gave the man a smile and shook her head, implying a "no" when the man showed her a toy aeroplane.

The man then walked to Brendan and showed him a car. Brendan being Brendan, just continued eating his pan mee. The man continued, "RM10 only".

Brendan blurted out "RM10?!! Soooo expensive!! I can buy 8 honey apples with RM10".

Now, I could have scolded him for answering the man, but it was really funny to see the man's reaction and we all just have to laugh at the scenario.

Just a few months back, I remember Brendan asking me to take him to the bank as he kept saying that he's got a transaction to do. I kept saying "later" until  I finally asked him why did he keep asking me to take him to the bank.

He said that he's got some money to put in the bank and then I asked him how much. He replied, "RM12". I told him that he's got to have at least RM100 before he come asking me to take him to the bank as it would be a waste of petrol and time and having to pay for parking. So, I gave him a little piggy bank for him to keep his money. He said he'd rather keep it in his wallet which he kept in a special place.

And then, there was this time last year when I was planning to change car. I told the kids about the cost of living, the rate of inflation, expenses going up and we shouldn't spend on an expensive car. Brendan said, "Mummy, I want to buy you a car. Do you think RM8 can buy you a big car?" Gosh, I'm so touched. He actually took out all the money in his wallet and gave them to me. I told him a car cost more than that and we would need a 5-figure amount for that. He can't seem to comprehend anything more than a thousand, or maybe even a hundred and kept asking how do people even afford to buy a car or a house.

He doesn't get pocket money for school cos I pre-ordered food from the canteen for him, so that he doesn't have to queue and rush to eat in his 20 minutes recess. There is a coin box which I told him he can take some coins out if he needs to buy anything extra and he'd just brush it off and say he doesn't need it as the uncle in school always give him too much food.

And just a few hours ago, Brendan said, "Mummy, when my birthday comes, please don't buy me a cake. It's not good to eat too much cake right?" Oh dear!! There he goes again. So, I said, "ok, then maybe we go and celebrate over a simple dinner". He went on and said, "Ok, but don't spend too much. We should save money. Maybe we can go to Disneyland one day".

Oh! That's my boy!! He makes me want to cry for being way so sensible and matured for an eight years old boy.

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chanelwong said...

understanding boy... you are a proud mummy...


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