Thursday, September 23, 2010

Food excursion (part 1 - Foh San dim sum)

This is actually a delayed post. We went to Penang during weekend leading to Merdeka for a short break. And our visits to Penang is always about food. After all, we've been there numerous times, all we would do is 'makan, makan, makan', and of course visit the fish aquarium cos the kids love seeing the turtles and the fishes swimming in the aquarium.

Anyway, back to the start of this journey. We made a pit-stop in Ipoh for breakfast, aiming for the newly Foh San dim sum restaurant. The last time we were in Ipoh last December, the place was closed. This time,  we headed there and was surprised at the huge crowd there, plus the long queue entering the restaurant.

There's 6 of us (3 adults consisting of me, DH and my sis and my 2 kids and little niece). We finally got a place to sit after waiting for about 15 minutes, that also because we shared a big table with another group.

Ordering is mostly on a self-service basis. You either pick your orders from the counter or from the trolley that is seen being pushed around. Hubby tried to pick the food that we don't normally get in KL. This place is crazy! It's really huge and beautiful! Don't know why my pictures of the interior doesn't really turn out well. I guess it must be due to my handphone setting (ya, I took all photos with my handphone). So, what you see would be mostly food, food and more food.

DH picked this up first since it was the easiest for us to reach. An auntie was going around with a push-cart and so we jumped straight for this. The chee cheong fun was such a pretty sighed, with some siew pak choy at the side of the plate. Stuffed with some prawns and topped with fried shallots and sesame seed, this was kinda nice.

Well, since we were in Ipoh, I had to ask for my morning coffee and so I asked for the famous Ipoh white coffee, but was disappointed that they don't serve coffee at all. They only serve tea (and plain water) there. The tea comes in a nice-looking porcelain pot with accompanying little cups.

DH has been missing for a while and the kids are getting a little restless. And then, voila! lots of dishes started coming to us - (clockwise, from top left) fried yam ball, fried peanut and sesame ball (don't really know what it's called), dumping topped with picked ginger and dipped in black vinegar (this is one of my favourite) and a big stuffed bread pao with mean, and mixed veg, which I find quite yummy.

Of course when we eat dim sum, we need to have the chilli and the sweet sauce. I kinda like the chilli dip. Probably because I'm too hungry?

More food coming this time -  (clockwise, from top left)   har gao aka as steamed prawn mini dumplings, my kids' favourite char siew paosiew mai and fried fish balls for the kids.

I love these two dumplings. I don't know what the one of the left is called. It's stuffed with some sweet fillings The one on the right is mini-dumpling filled with chives (ku-chai).  They're very nice..

The lor mai gai (glutinuous rice with chicken and mushroom) is not too bad, but I've eaten better ones in KL.

We had wanted to try many other creative looking dim sum and the dessert but were too stuffed.

Can't remember the price for this, but I know it seems a little pricey for me. I would say it's a unique and satisfying experience for me (minus the fact that there's no coffee served!)

Here's the location of Foh San : No. 51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh.


michelle@mybabybay said...

Looks good, must stop by this place whenever we drive to KL. Every time we want to find a good dim sum place in Ipoh ended up in fast food chain because don't know the roads well.

Babysmooches said...

There are a few other dim sum restaurants on the same road as Foh San. I tried another one before and it was good too.
there are some good places to eat in Ipoh, just need to know where. Hv to ask Ipoh friends :P

chaileing said...

Fohsan now have Facebook,welcome go to like ths page:!/pages/fu-shan-cha-lou-Foh-San-Restaurant-Sdn-Bhd/170747559615856


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