Sunday, September 19, 2010

DIY lantern

Last Friday, Brendan came home from school with some colour paper and a basic craft guide to make lantern. This was part of their art class project.

This was to instill the creativity in the kids to adopt ideas so they could further explore participating in an up-coming lantern competition in school.

We had a residents coomunity gathering last night and I was able to gather some ideas after being  impressed by the many creative submissions using all sort of recycled stuffs like egg cartons, alumunium tin, mineral water bottle, yogurt packs, woven rattans, paper plates, wooden chopsticks, transparent coloured paper and even DIY battery operated lanterns!

Anyway, Brendan was so into making his paper lantern that I had to forced him to take his dinner first, shower before he continued. He eventually got tired and asked me to help him. We managed to finish the task together the next morning.

I suddenly realised that I've been lacking in doing craft work with my kids after the lantern making session with Brendan. Gosh, I guess I have to start exploring it again after being so complacent al these while.

Brendan and his half-way done paper lantern

Fixing on the 'pin' to the bottom of the cardboard for putting candle.

Tah dah!! Brendan's end-result.

Not too bad for a first-timer huh? He's not willing to put a candle in it for fear of his hard-work all burning away.

Here's a pic of some lovely home-made mooncake goodies made by the kids' ex-nanny. Too cute to eat.. My kids just love the plain mooncake. Gosh, I feel so 'jelak' over it, but they can just go on eating them everyday.

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful mid-autumn festival!

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