Monday, November 30, 2009

kaya fun

Whenever we go back to our hometown, my mum will make a big pot full of kaya (a sweet and creamy coconut pandan jam cooked in gula melaka). Brendan and Eryn loves the kaya so much and will wait for their grandma (my mum) to finish cooking the kaya before they pester grandma to give them the empty pot.

They just love to lick from the pot. We pour the kaya out into a few jars but the kids only want to lick it from the pot. And they'll lick it clean. Brendan says that it's more fun to eat it that way. Oh boy!

When Brendan and Eryn knows that grandma is making kaya, they'll go chanting "I want kaya pot! I want kaya pot!" If only the kaya they want is the malay word kaya that means "rich". hehe

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