Monday, November 30, 2009

academic result

Brendan and Eryn did extremely well in school and was positioned number two and number four respectively.

During the exam week, Brendan came back from school everyday saying that he can't answer some questions and don't think he can get good results. Well, I scold him to pay more attention in class instead of disturbing his little sister all the time. Deep in my heart, I wasn't particularly concern whether he'll be at the top in his age group especially Mandarin, since I can't read Chinese and was never the top in my class. I was placed in the top class through school but was never the top in class due to the pressure I felt from the top students and my involvement in extra curricular activities and practice in sports and netball.

Coming out from school, I was satisfied though, for being all-arounded and I didn't do too bad at all. Likewise, I would hope my kids to be well-rounded as well instead of being too studious. Emphasis would still be placed in their studies still, without giving the pressure that they're already facing in school.

Anyway, for Brendan to achieved 2nd place was indeed a surprise for the school principal and teachers and for me and hubby. The subject that pulled him down was Moral, which was really wierd for us. He achieved 100 for mathematics, 91.5 for Chinese, 98 for maths, 89 for BM and 82 for Moral. A big, big clap to you, Brendan.

They have very tough questions like identifying the Abdul Samad building, Twin Tower, Planetarium and KL Tower and stuffs like grammar errors and spellings. I think I only studied what Brendan is studying now when I was in year 2 or year 3!

Eryn was an even bigger surprise at 4th place as she only started school middle of this year. She has adopt a keen interest in books now and achieved 100 for Maths, 94 for English, 98 for Mandarin and 88 for English.

I wasn't very happy with the academic based in the beginning, but am now very pleased that I sent them there cos they seem to enjoy their kindergarten school. The teachers are very patient and kind in guiding them in all the reading and writing. They only need to come home and play and watch TV, without having to do any homework. For Brendan, going to primary school will not be the same anymore. I hope things turn out fine.

An example of Brendan's chinese paper - I don't understand what it's all about.

A page taken from Brendan's Moral paper - I don't understand this as well.

A page from Eryn's BM paper. "Ekor"?


twin said...

yey for eryn and brendan. :)
i must agree .. these days the std is much tougher compared to our time but the kids can cope meaning they are much much smarter than us. :)

michelle@mybabybay said...

Wow now kindy standard so high??!!

Anonymous said...

The exam questions from Brendan's testpapers are of Primary 1 standard. If you were to take a look at the BM textbook for SRJK, the landmarks of Petronas Twin Towers and Planetarium are covered as the few last topics for the syllabus.

I believe Brendan and Eryn's kindergarten are preparing the 6 year olds in advance for Primary 1. Hmmm... it seems to me that more and more kindies are having the kiasuism mentality nowadays...

Babysmooches said...

Michelle & Twin, I think the standard is high due to the pressure in later years.

Anonymous, I believe you are right, that the kindy is preparing the kids for primary school. The kids seem to enjoy it though which is kind of a surprise.

But come primary 1, either you're left out and gotta to catch up or you're in sync. So sad right.

Kiasuism is not in the school, it's in the parents. Kids as young as 3 going for music classes, tuitions, this and that! and I'm beginning to wonder whether my kids are left behind cos they've not even started on anything yet. sigh. I just want them to study in kindy and come back home and play and watch TV.

Health Freak Mommy said...

OMG, the standard is really high in B&E's kindy. Can Brendan read all the Chinese words or the teachers helped him with the questions by reading out to him? My gals' kindy is also very academic centered and of high standard. B&E are really smart!

wen said...

haha! so did he call u ekor or not?

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to Brendan & Eryn!
Can see Brendan's chinese writing is quite good.

Yes, I agree that some of the kindies are preparing the students for P1.

Babysmooches said...

Shireen, yes, Brendan can read and write Chinese better than I do! hehe
Wen, so far not, and he better don't. haha.
Martini, a few friends have commented on Brendan's nice writing, but I don't know about that cos I don't even write Chinese wordings.


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