Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ngaku chips

I bought about 3.5kg of ngakus (arrowroot head) today to have something to munch on.

I expected it to be such a tedious job - the cleaning, washing, drying, peeling, washing again, drying again, slicing, frying, etc... I started the cleaning just before I cook dinner around 6pm, and by the time the whole process is done, it was already 12:30am!! And that is only half of the ngakus I bought.

Because of the rush to clean up after dinner, slicing and all, I actually sliced off a teeny weeny bit of my thumb nail. With blood oozing out non-stop, hubby came to the rescue to help me dry those ngakus, while I search high and low for my missing handiplast and munch on some ngakus. *yummy*

For those who have the time and are keen to try, here's my recipe :

1) Clean and wash the ngakus and let it air dry.
2) Peel off the skin, wash and let it air dry again to remove traces of water.
    (One of my cousin leaves the skin intact for a 'crispier edge' while an
     aunty suggested putting it in the fridge to dry faster)
3) Slice thinly.
      (be careful not to slice your nail or fingers in the process. Would be good
      to leave the long 'tip' on the ngakus to make slicing easier)
4) Heat up oil. Add salt in oil. Fry till golden brown and drip the oil away.
      (it will be absorbed into the chips and you won't have traces of salt on
        your fingers).
     Control the fire so that it won't be too big (might overburn) or too small
       (might leave traces of oil on the chips).
5) Cool it and tah dah!!! Feast on it or pack in into air tight containers.

ngaku chips and raw ngakus


Alice Law said...

LOL... do you have spare for me?! Muahahaha, that's a taxing job for a mommy of 2 little tots like me, I'll just buy from the shop, hehe!>_<

Vivianz said...

I tried, but they all turned out soft soft, cannot be crispy.. :(

Babysmooches said...

Alice, I wish I have, but I'm not done with a whole lot for my folks in hometown. Expensive to buy outside right?
Vivian, it could be that your fire is not big enough, so maybe the oil is absorbed. Could also be that it "masuk angin"? have to put in airtight container.

michelle@mybabybay said...

A lot of ppl make them here. I get it free from my neighbor. :)


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