Thursday, January 6, 2011

fresh nutmeg juice

I love the fresh nutmeg juice in Penang. The locals call it 'lao hao'. I manage to pluck a few nutmeg during my recent trip there and boil them. I don't know how they prepare it, so I just simply boil them in a slow cooker, cool it later and add honey and 'assam' into it. Mmmm... I love it! In fact, I love the dried sugar coated nutmeg rind and the pickled nutmeg too, but find that the pickled one makes me cough if I eat too much of it.

However, my sis told me that the nutmeg juice is actually quite good for cough. Oh! I miss my 'lao hao peng'.

Here's what freshly plucked nutmegs look like. They taste quite bitter if eaten raw. The little red fruit there is actually a little promegrate freshly plucked from my tiny little garden and  it taste quite ok and not sour at all :-)

Freshly plucked nutmeg and a little promegrate from my little garden.


Alice Law said...

Ohhh... 1st time seeing a nutmeg fruit, and yet to taste any nutmeg juice before!>_<

Thanks for sharing!

Babysmooches said...

It was my first time seeing the real fruit too! :-)

reanaclaire said...

i think this is my first time coming by.. just wanna ask.. whether you are interested in writing reviews?
do drop me an email if u do..



Babysmooches said...

Hi, reanaclaire, I'll be dropping you an email :-)


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