Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yakkety yakkety yak.

Eryn has been following me everywhere during this school holidays. She goes with me for my meetings, appointments, library, grocery shopping and everywhere else.

Eryn can talk and talk and talk. Her conversation ranges from the things she does, the show she watches, what she's learnt, what she likes, and the list goes on and on.

Recently, I was driving DH's car with Eryn when DH was out of town and one of our conversation goes like this :

Eryn   : Mummy, I think daddy is very lazy.
Mummy : Why do you say that?
Eryn   : You look at daddy's car. You just push this button and the door will open
              (she was referring to a small little pocket compartment where
               the little cover will open at the push of a button. It's not automatic,
               but it's designed to slowly open on its own due to a mechanism).
Mummy : haha... This car is created that way, Eryn.
Eryn   : But your car is not like that. So, that means you're not lazy. Your car must lift up the door to open it. Daddy's one you just use one finger to push it. That's why daddy is a lazy man.

At another time, one conversation goes like this :

Eryn   : Mummy, poh-poh says you cannot sms or talk or sing when you are driving.
Mummy : Ya, so we must concentrate on the road right?
Eryn   : Look! That car no manners one. Never slow down when the traffic light is amber.  Why some people don't know how to stop or signal when they overtake other cars?
Mummy : Maybe because they are impatient and don't know the rules
Eryn   : Then they must go back to school because their brains are old. They cannot remember things.

On missing Brendan,

Mummy : Do you like Brendan to be here or in Kluang?
Eryn      : In Kluang
Mummy : Huh?! Why? You don't like kor-kor is it?
Eryn     : I like. But Kor-kor says he wants to go to Kluang to stay with poh-poh for a while, that's why I said that I like Brendan to be in Kluang.
Mummy : I see. At least you don't have to fight with kor-kor when kor-kor is not here
Eryn    : Ya, lor, no need to fight. But I also miss Brendan. We are children, so it is normal for us to play and fight together. Children sure fight one lah..
Mummy : 0 - <

Oh boy! She can yak from the time she wakes up in the morning to the time she goes to bed, and without her kor-kor around, I'll just have to entertain my little girl with all her funny conversations during this school holidays, when I'm driving, cooking, sleeping, even when I'm in the toilet!


chanelwong said...

Soo funny...good that she entertain you....

Martini said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & family.


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