Thursday, November 25, 2010

Missing Brendan and pole dancing.

It's the school holidays and Brendan took the bus home together with my mum approximately yesterday afternoon. And now, I'm beginning to miss him. He will be there for about a month for this school holiday while Eryn will be with me at home.

It's a funny feeling not having around this time though I don't really feel anything while he is at daycare and at school. He seldoms get to see grandma now since he's started primary school and grandma is his number one favourite person in the whole wide world! He was feeling extremely happy and was jumping and singing and twirling and wriggling last night and this morning, going, "Yeah yeah, I'm going back to Kluang, I'm going back to Kluang!!"....

Well, I'll be going back as well soon but just for a few days before Eryn and I come back home without Brendan. We'll have him back before school start and life would be back to normal - noisy, nerve-wrecking, nagging and all, but I kinda miss that now actually. 

Quite recently, Brendan overheard the word "pole-dancing" on tv and asked me what is pole-dancing. I explained to him what it meant and how some people does it, using their thighs and legs to swing around the pole and using their body to hang upside down. He found that amusing.

Not long after that, we were at a hypermarket and Brendan suddenly ran to the pole and showed me his pose, asking me whether what he does is something like pole-dancing. I quickly took my hp camera out and snapped a pic of him. This will set as a memory in the many years to come as I reflect back on the things he said and do. haha... My funny boy!

Happy holidays everyone, and have a safe journey for those travelling for your hols.

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