Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Malaysia?

It was a disturbing day for me when I read news of the attack on churches. We've come this far and yet, being a country known, or claimed, to be multicultural and multiracial, we see idiotics acts like this being done. What a total shame and a total disgrace. Haven't these people search deep into their roots of their own moral and social beliefs before resorting to such action?

I have many friends of the Malay, Indian, Eurasian and even East Malaysian races, and never once I've encountered any racial or even religious tensions among ourselves in school or at work. Well, I do remember the time when I used to have an old primary 2 school-mate who was sentenced to death for bombing of a shopping mall in Jakarta 9 years ago. He and his group were claimed to be involved in the bombing of two churches before that incident in Indonesia. He also lost his legs because of one of the bomb blast. I remember him to be a loner who used to mumble to himself. We never knew where he went after primary 2 or 3, until news of him appeared about 20 years later.

What had happened recently shows that some people are pathetically ignorant. Their actions are only detrimental to their own being and peace. As the late Mahatma Gandhi puts it, "Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary".

It is still a good understanding to know that there are many people out there condeming the attacks and wanting a real One Malaysia peace as written here , here and on many other websites and blogs.

Peace to all fellow Malaysians...


jessie said...

Hi, chance upon ur blog today :-)

zmm said...

You checked with those Malays who are lower class ones (taxi drivers, shop keepers etc), and they'll say, "Perkara ugama sangat sensitiv, tak boleh di permainkan."

And we have so many of them.. how to be 1Malaysia?


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