Monday, January 4, 2010

A decade in pictures

Some fond memories of my kids from the time Brendan was born in October 2003, followed by Eryn in June 2005. I'm getting older.....

Brendan proved to be quite an alert baby but was quite a difficult baby to take care as he tends to wake up at night and cry. He started speaking a little later though, compared to Eryn who would start speaking at age 1.

Brendan was under the care of my mum in Johor and I used to travelled every weekend to see him from KL to Johor, transporting frozen breasmilk in a cooler box in the KL-Johor bus. The breastmilk stopped at around 6 months and I continued my weekend visit, travelling alone most of the time as hubby was busy working until I was 8 months pregnant with Eryn. Brendan is actually quite a matured kid for his age, but can be quite mischiveous when he's with his maternal grandparents or his little sister.

Eryn was a very smiley baby and was so much easier to care for. Eryn was under my care and with the help of a maid, it was time for Brendan to be up in KL together with us as a family. I'm so grateful to my parents for their great commitment in taking care of Brendan in the first one and half years. Eryn was lucky to be breastfed until one year old, before supplementing with formula partially until age two where she only suckle at night.

Eryn can be quite cheeky and is quite a messy girl, compared to Brendan. She started walking at 10 and a half months, compared to Brendan who started walking at 12 months plus. She loves posing and can really dance so naturally with her soft body movement.

Together, Brendan and Eryn makes a perfect sibling companion, playing masak-masak together, toy cars, combat, and many more. However, sibling rivalry is always there. It's always a case of 'I first, you second' or 'He/She disturbed me', or 'This is mine, not yours', etc.. Well, you get the idea.

A decade has passed and it has been an interesting one, with the birth of my two beautiful children, a great gift from above. They stressed me up, I screamed at them, they whine and fight, but they're still my love and my sunshine and their surprises never fail to bring a rainbow on after a rainy day.


Health Freak Mommy said...

I still remember reading about Brenden and Eryn. Your kids were born in the same years as my 2 older gals. Brenden is in Std 1 this year eh? Same for Alycia, though she's just turned 6 and is one of the youngest in the class.

Anggie's Journal said...

very lovely photos and i m totally agreed with what u said .... hopefully my two J can get along like urs ....:P

Rina said...

Time sure flies. Still remember that New Years Eve when we were desperate for soomething exciting to do??haha

Babysmooches said...

that's right Shireen, it's funny how many of us 'know' each other without even meeting before right. Brendan's an Oct baby and also turned 6 just less than 3 months back.
Anggie, I'm sure the J brothers will grow to like each other :-)
Rina, those were the days huh? Now it's back to school time.

twin said...

so fast big boy oredi ... my daughter too primary 1 ... turned 6 last aug only and still my baby :) they all just grew up too fast.


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