Monday, October 19, 2009

girls will be girls

My little Eryn can be quite picky as to the type of clothes she wants to wear. On weekends, she'll want to wear a dress as I normally tries to avoid letting her wear a dress in the daycare as she runs and climb like a monkey. Imagine a girl in dress behaving so tomboyish. Nothing bad about that, but I don't trust perverts out there.

Whenever we go out, she'll sometimes request that she only wear a dress or skirt and not pants. She'll says, "all my girl friends wear pretty dresses every time". Oh well, she's a girl afterall. So, I'll let her be, depending on situation, but definitely not when we go to the park and swing on the monkey bars.

She likes to play make-up, comb her hair and look at the mirror, dance, sing, play princess and do the things most little girls like to do.


wen said...

my gal too, forver dresses only but i force her to wear pants sometimes

Rina said...

you should bring her over to play with the girls - they can play dress up together & we can have our cheesecake!

mom2ashleyaidan said...

she is can pose-pose again huh! so cute!
I always get Ashley to wear dresses when we go out - otherwise all her dresses will be wasted :)

MamaJo said...

She really grow up fast....I just love girl wear skirt :), look very feminine and nice + all those accessories like hair band, etc.... :)

Babysmooches said...

oh ya, gals just like to do their own comb the hair stuffs, wear dresses, wear shoes cannot wear slippers kind of stuffs..


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