Sunday, January 11, 2009

School has re-opened

It's been a week since school re-opened. Brendan was happy to go back to the same kindy he attended last year.

I'm not surprised with the many books that he brought back home but I was surprised that one of his book is a standard one book! I'm even more shocked at the content as they are so much more difficult that it was when I first started kindergarten at 6 years old.

The funny thing is, despite having so much textbooks and so much books nowadays, the standard of a lot of teachers are deteriorating and most students can't even speak proper English! I was told by the principal that all these textbooks are preparation for Brendan when he enter Primary one next year! Wow!!

I remember attending tuition the year that I sat for SPM. I've known some parents who has started sending their children to tuition as young as 6 years old. Gosh, am I laid-back or what? I wonder what has gone wrong with our education system, and I do certainly wonder how would my children cope in school - with the tons of homework and carrying that heavy bag behind their bag in the not too distant future.

Here's a pic of Brendan's textbooks. The exercise book has not been taken into consideration.


Anonymous said...

That's so scarey.
In US, they only start teaching ABC and 123 at 5-6 yrs old. But miraculously, I find that almost every child start to read chapter books by 3rd Grade. They didn't teach addition until 1st Grade.

It's very ironical, isnt it? Our children in Msia are forced to drink from the hose since such tender age, we should be creating rocket scientists and human geniuses but our universities still rank poorly.

wen said...

thats quite a lot of book. i wonder if children in malaysia are too pressure. imagine the homework in primary school esp chinese school.

slavemom said...

I hope he doesn't hv to carry all those books to sch everyday. I so not looking fwd to XY's weekly spelling tests.

mybabybay said...

That's a lot of books for kindy, more books than Tim in std 1.

chanelwong said...

wow a lot of

Elaine said...

Looking at the photo, I thought Brendan is in Standard one. The workbooks look so similar like my daughter's workbook (standard 1 ) from school.

Rina said...

Is that the books used for the whole year? wow - and to think it is for kindergarten!

Anonymous said...

my boy also has a lot of books, exclude the exercise books there are 13 books & workbooks. He only needs to bring the reading books (about 4 books) and exercise books with homework back, the rest will be kept in school.

I also worry how my boy is going to digest all those books, sigh!

MamaJo said...

Geeeee....The books seem to be for Primary kid and not kindy kid....maybe, Brendan's kindy want to produce smart kid and get good recognition :P


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