Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chinese paper lanterns

Over the weekend, I did some simple paper lanterns and luck fishes to be hanged around the house as CNY decorations.

I took out some old ang pow packets and started doing it just for the fun of it. I use recycled and unused ang pow packets for my DIY decorations.

Here's some simple instructions on the lucky fishes which is easy to make for kids and adults alike. Err.... I hope it's simple to understand here :P

The paper lantern the kids helped to make. looks kinda messy but it's great fun!


slavemom said...

Thx for the instructions! Will try it out. At least can keep my girl bz for quite some time. hehehe

mybabybay said...

I like to make this for CNY too!

chanelwong said...

it is very nice....Happy Chinese New Year...

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year!


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