Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Just mummy and Eryn

It was Mother's Day. I didn't go back to my hometown but chose to stay in KL. DH was away in Germany for 3 weeks and thus, I decided to spend Mother's Day alone with Eryn all alone. Brendan called early in the morning from my hometown to wish me Happy Mother's Day and he said that he's eating cake and would be going for a sumptous lunch!!

My brother and his wife were planning to take my mum out and that, to Brendan, meant going out jalan-jalan and makan-makan.

Anyway, I took Eryn to Lake Gardens for a 2.5 hours outing. That was only my 2nd time there and I was kind of surprise that it is such a fun place for kids.

Eryn just loved playing there. It gave me a moment of pleasure, thinking of days when I was a kid. We were just happy going to the playground with only 2 swings, a see-saw and a merry-go-round. Kids these days have so much things to look forward to..


jazzmint said...

looks like she had great fun there

Anggie's journel said...

wah.. finally i saw ur new post, so long never heard from u. Ur girl so big already, nice photo with the dino. :)

MamaJo said...

i can't wait for the day when my youngest is 3 yrs old..he,he..then, i will be so 'senang' like you liao :)

Baby Smooches said...

Jazzmint, she's having the fun and mummy is happy all the tiredness.

anggie, didn't have time to blog, but thought I should update a little for my own sake.

mamajo, I don't think I'm that 'senang' leh... BTW< Eryn is two and not three. hehe

twin said...

she must have so much fun. Happy belated mother's day!

Baby Smooches said...

twin, thanks.... happy belated mother's day to you too :-)


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