Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Half day trip to Genting

I was given 4 complimentary tickets to watch the show "FLY" in Genting. I gave the tickets to my mum, sis, brother & sis-in-law to watch the show while DH & I took the kids to the indoor theme park.

On that particular day, the kids knew we were going out and didn't take their nap the whole afternoon. By the time we arrive Genting, it was around 4pm+ They were too excited to sleep and was amazed at the huge, colourful playground around them. Their heads were turning here and there and they were jumping up and down.

By the time it was dinner, the kids were extremely tired and sleepy, but still wanted to play. They sat in most of the rides, going round and round, walking here and there, stopping to see this and that, and by the time my family came out from the show, it was almost 11pm.

Gosh, upon entering the car, they slept immediately, all the way back home.

As it was an Easter weekend, all rooms were fully booked. So, we've got no choice but to drive back on the same night.


MamaJo said...

u know, I can't wait to bring my boys to go Genting tomorrow (daddy promise)....he,he...just can't wait to let them play at the theme

Baby Smooches said...

mamajo, how was your trip to Genting? Must be really fun and tiring..

chanelwong said...

It is happy to see the kids enjoying themselves...


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