Monday, April 3, 2006

While daddy was in Germany

While daddy was away,
Brendan gave everyone a scare
The spots were red, the sign was there
The fever came, the body bare

While daddy was away,
Eryn too had mild fever
Though not so severe
Mummy still had her fear

While daddy was away,
Eryn’s teeth sprouted out
Giggling in a voice so loud
Baring one gigi in her mouth

While daddy was away,
We all went to a family day party
We saw a clown, he was so funny
We went back home and felt so weary.

While daddy was away,
Mummy took us all to Smart Kids
With just 2 hands she took the lead
Our mummy darling, her advice we heed

While daddy was away,
So much have happened
We played, we learn,
Daddy don’t you miss us darling children?


Egghead said...

sounds like a lot of fun while daddy is away :P

Zara's Mama said...

I wonder if Mummy is away, can Daddy take care of the kids like mummy does.


Baby Smooches said...

egghead, it was fun but would be more fun with daddy around to carry Brendan and all the stuffs.

zara's mama, Daddy sure can take care wan, give them sweets and toys, kau-tim! no lah, he can do it definitely.


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