Saturday, June 4, 2005

A mother of two

1st June -the day of my inducement. I've read a lot about it and it is really scaring me. People talk about the pain, the long delay, the complications, etc... Well, I have to go through it. I'm one week overdue. My baby is still comfy inside, but she's gotta come out.

I went to the hospital at 8:30am. The nurses checked on me. Waited for the doctor and at 9am, he came in. He inserted some sort of a pill in me to dilate my cervix and sent me to my single-bedded room to wait for the "signs". And so I waited, and waited, and waited... The nurse came in every half hour to one hour asking if I felt any pain. I kept saying "no" "no" "no". I was beginning to get worried. Why wasn't I dilated yet? Why isn't there any pain? Why am I not having a show? Tried to watch TV, but the TV only had one pathetic channel on. I tried tuning it but tak jadi lah.

It was the doctor's halfday today. He came back at around 4:30pm. Checked on me and said, "you're only at 2cm dilation". ONLY TWO cm? So? What you want me to do? "Nurse, I'm doing an A.R.M." Hey! Tell that to me also lah. Not the nurse. You think I don't know what is A.R.M ar? I've been doing lots of self-study and research.... Anyway, chuik chuik... The A.R.M. was done. So, the wait began. I waited, and waited, and waited... again! Nothing much happen! The nurse kept reminding me to tell her if I felt any pain and if I felt the urge to pass motion. Time passes... nothing happen. No show, which was very wierd, and the water bag was only leaking, no gushing or anything. 5:30pm came and the doctor checked and said he'll cut the membrane bigger coz nothing seems to be happening. No pain, no reaction. The baby heartbeat's was normal. So, again I waited. This time I'm only at 3 cm dilation.

With Brendan, I had a show at 9pm+, started having contraction at 1am which went on and on every 5 minutes. I delivered Brendan at around noon. Almost 12 hours of painful labour!!! Hubby rushed back from Penang to Johor only to find me huffing and puffing away during my first labour. haha
There I lay down, responding to some SMSes, looking at the baby's heartbeat monitor, relaxing myself and doing some light breathing exercise. I was thinking to myself, this time sure beranak at almost midnight one. Wait so long also nothing happen. There were mild contractions and they were like mild period cramps to me.

At almost 7pm, the doctor said that he's going home for dinner and told the nurse to call him once I show the indications. At 7pm, I was beginning to have more pain and was already at 5cm dilation. The nurse called the doctor and poor fella, I think he hasn't really sit down at the dinner table when he was called back. Surprise! Surprise! I delivered at around 7:40pm.... The push was quite easy... The nurse said "eh, u tak sakit ar? You sudah boleh push lah.." he he he
It was a good labour... The inducement was no problem to me at all. Everything went on well.... And now, another chapter of my life as begun.....

Eryn Lim Shu Jynn
D.O.B. 1st June 2005

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