Monday, March 7, 2005

"woo woo woo"

Woo Woo Woo... That was Brendan, my 16 months old son, barking back at the dog that was flaring its razor sharp teeth.

Brendan can't really talk much but he's known lots of words. We communicate a lot via baby sign languages, some of them created by Brendan himself. We noticed Brendan making funny signs and wierd sounds since he was around 10 months old. Some of them are :

mosquito - hitting both hands high up in the air together
showing gigi - smirking and trying to flash his teeth :)
head pain - putting one hand on top of the head
stop! - very quickly puts one hand up
hands up! - very quickly puts two hands up
watch - putting one palm onto the other wrist
spray - putting one hand up as if holding a Ridsect and go "pssssss.."
(yea, Brendan loves doing this all the time)
scared - patting his chest
baby crying - he'll go ooo weea oo weea
lizard - he'll go chek chek chek while looking up at the ceiling
eyes - winking his eyes
banana - he'll say nana
and many more...

Brendan still wants to be carried and I'm beginning to develop muscles on my arm. He's getting so active now and it's hard to foresee how I am going to cope with two babies in another less than 3 months.

Brendan is a typical kampung boy. He doesn't really have much toys as well. Most of his toys are things which we recycle - from empty vitamin bottles, little plastic jars filled with something for that rattling sound, a plastic container cover which he uses as a steering wheel, the pots and pans as drums, empty toothpaste boxes, etc... Well, good for us parents coz we don't have to spend much on toys which normally have a short life span. sigh!

picture of Brendan in his "playhouse" made of a cardboard box. Here, he's holding one of his favourite "toys" - two empty vitamin bottles.

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