Sunday, March 6, 2005

7 months pregnant

I'm beginning to feel more lethargic now. I'm now around 28 weeks and my baby has been kicking and moving around quite actively. I'm still making my weekly trips back to Kluang. Every Friday night (for one week in a month), hubby will drive me to the LRT station in Bukit Jalil where I'll head to Puduraya alone. I'll then buy the bus ticket, wait for the bus, board it and head back home to Kluang which is approximately 3.5 hours away. I guess I'll have to reduce my travel to every fortnightly from April onwards coz this tummy of mine is really giving me backaches. With the long journey by bus, it's contributing to some really discomfort in my legs and back.

Sometimes, I really do wonder what's wrong with our fellow Malaysians. I mean, despite being known as a multi-racial country, friendly and helpful... I don't really see that much when I'm pregnant.

Once a around 5 months pregnant, I stood waiting at the Puduraya Terminal and saw an old lady trying extermely hard to lift her legs up to climb the stairs. She was holding a cane to support herself and obviously was having difficulties moving around. Everyone stood around idling away. NOBODY helped. Nobody!! So, I tried to hold the auntie's hand to guide her up the stairs. Imagine, one pregnant woman and an old lady trying to go up the stairs admist the tidak apa attitude crowd. Eeshhh....

Another time, one Friday evening sometime last month, I took the shuttle bus after office hour to go to Puduraya and again, came across some ignorant people who just wouldn't give a damn to who you are, pregnant or not. The bus was packed like sardin and I had to juggle holding a bag in one hand and another trying to support myself by holding the side bar of the bus seat. People look at me and didn't give much thought about my tummy. Eh, you all buta kah? Luckily, I'm one fine and healthy preggie, or else, I would have beranak there on the spot.

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mom2ashley said...

hahahah...your posting is hilarious..and at the same time..sad but true


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