Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tesco, Oh Tesco!! How disgusting can you be?

Aaarrrrggghh!! This is totally disgusting! Damn!! I just can't believe that I did not learn my lesson, and I'll tell you why.

I shop in Tesco a lot mostly for the dry goods and household items. I don’t normally buy meat products or fish from any hypermarkets or supermarkets as they just don't look as fresh as the ones in the morning market. People tell me that NHK (I first heard of it last week), Cold Storage and Jaya are the better supermarkets.
Occasionally, the meat section in these "super hyper markets" tend to emit some sort of nauseating smell. I do get the chilled Australian sliced beef to make pizza once in a blue moon, provided I "think" they look fresh and does not smell. We take more fish and vegetables most of the time and the morning market supply really fresh ones though they may be a little pricey as compared to the supermarkets.
Anyway, this morning, I was in Tesco Puchong doing some grocery shopping. As I passed the fresh meat section, I  thought I could make do with the packed  chicken fillet in Tesco after noticing that it was packed today (based on the label). Since it's a weekday and it's a rush for me, I didn't want to make a detour to the pasar and besides, it's too late to go to the morning market.
Upon reaching home, I proceeded to remove the fillet from the pack to rinse and was extremely shock to see a slightly harden piece of fillet  with greenish parts on it. Eeeww!!
I immediately drove back to Tesco Puchong to return it and filed a complaint to the customer service girl at the front counter. Apparently, one lady whom I spoke to, said that this is rather normal. Yet, the photo that I showed her made her gasped in disbelief.
Another lady staff of Tesco (in apron) said that this could be packed by a newcomer. While a third lady staff (in office clothings) mentioned that the meat was from a supplier and not packed by them. The fourth person that came by was a guy by the name of Din, who was apparently in charge of the “fresh food” area for day, indicated they will give me a refund.
Gosh! I’m not concern about the refund!! I drove all the way back to Tesco Puchong, just to show this and file my complaint. It took off some of my time and petrol, so that little refund is not my concern. Don’t they have any assurance or QC check on your supply? This is a shame. Are the fresh food even fit for human consumption?!!
I don't care if this meat was packed in Tesco, or from a supplier. They seriously need to look into this.
With the rising rate of health problems due to food and environment, this kind of greenish meat will definitely make your life shorten. Eewww!!!!! Horrible!! Disgusting!! I'm feel sick just talking about this...
I feel like puking...

Look at the date! It's supposed to be freshly packed this morning!!

If you read my first sentence above, I mentioned "I did not learn my lesson". Why? Well, this is because I just can't trust these hyper or super thingy. Below here is a pack of Tesco brand honey breakfast cereal which I bought in December last year. My first and my last time buying that stupid "cicak cereal". NEVER EVER buy Tesco brand food products. Just stick to Nestle or Kellogg's and you'll not get it bad.

I only realised that dried and shrivelled lizard after the kids ate a portion of it. Again, I called to file a personal complaint. I cannot tahan. This time must make it public. I even drove all the way to return it back, not even bothered to get back my refund. To date, I don't even get any assurance from them.

Spot the lizard!! No price for getting it correct.

This fella is not enjoying his cereal bath. It's dead. Period. And it's found in my cereal!!

Note to self : Stick to my standard household goods, biscuits and vege and only when it's fresh. No meat! No cicak cereal or in-house brand food products.


Zara's Mama said...

I feel like vomitting... BUEK.

chanelwong said...


Mumsgather said...

Oh my goodness. That is disgusting! You just killed my appetite. lol

Merryn said...

Oh gawd this is so disgusting.. i buy fish from jusco. the hidup wan, they'll knock it dead right in front of you wan..

A Mom's Diary said...

That's totally disgusting, especially the cicak! You should complain to the health authorities la...talking to Tesco won't result in anything. I think you can contact the Food Safety and Quality Division of the Ministry of Health.

chinnee ( said...



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