Friday, October 21, 2011

Decaying human values

The news on the little two year old girl in China created a huge outcry all over the world. It is just so sad to know that that little girl has died.

Being hit twice, and left to die on the road, with the TOTAL ignorance by 18 passers-by definitely is not something you can really imagine.

Humans are getting smarter, and sadly, more self-centred, greedy and lacking in moral values nowadays. This kind of news sadden me, and while questions are being pointed at the huge populated and developing country, I'd have to say that this applies to everywhere else in the world, including our country.

True human values are decreasing and even if they do, the main priorities are to "take care of my own rice bowl first" and not giving a damn at other people.

May you rest in peace, little Yue..

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