Monday, July 26, 2010

Daddy-daughter went fishing

Two weekends ago, DH and Eryn went for a malay wedding lunch. Brendan didn't want to go as he dislikes crowded and noisy places. So, he followed me for my business unit meeting.

Anyway, after the wedding lunch, DH's friend and his friend's wife invited DH and Eryn to go fishing somewhere in Semenyih, and they only came back home after dinner! Eryn was so happy go fishing for the first time that she got daddy to call me to say she's going to catch me a big fish.

Oh well, it was a gloomy day and I wasn't particularly pleased with the fishing trip as it was drizzling a little. Eryn came back home feeling extremely exhilirated and tired and with many, many big mosquitoe bites on her legs!

DH cleaned the fish and kept it in the freezer. We steamed it two days later and it was extremely yummy! The flesh was smooth and was fresh too! There wasn't any smell at all. Scroll down for the simply cooking method.

Fisherman Fishergirl trying her luck for the catch of the day.

Eryn posing with one of the catfish (ikan patin) caught alive.

Taking a break. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Our simple home-cooked Ikan Patin :

1) Fry finely chopped garlic and shredded ginger. Put aside. Keep the oil to be used later.
2) After cleaning fish thoroughly, pour some hot water over the fish to remove excess slime from the body.
3) Steam fish (without any garnishing or flavouring).
4) Meanwhile, prepare sauce for gravy - mixture of soya sauce, fish sauce and sesame oil.
5) Heat the balance oil used to fry the garlic and ginger. Once heated, turn off the fire, and pour in sauce mixture.
6) After fish is cook, pour away excess water in the bowl. Add fried garlic and fried ginger on top of the fish and immediately pour the sauce mixture on top and all over the fish.
7) Garnish with chinese parsley and serve hot. *yummy*

(we forgot to take pictures of the steamed fish as everyone gobbled it up very quickly)


chanelwong said...

i love steam fish....yummy...

Eryn had a great time with Daddy...

Daddy n Daughter Time....

Alice Law said...

It's great that you caught a patin, it costs a lot nowadays if you bought it from the market or eat in a restaurant!^-^

Have a beautiful day ahead!


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