Friday, June 18, 2010

I like it when mummy is funny

A few mornings ago, I overheard a conversation about me! My kids were talking about me at the breakfast table.

I've been getting a little naggy with them lately, always rushing them to brush their teeth, drink their milk, change their clothes, shower, eat, go to school/daycare, etc... The kids take me for granted. I can scold at them but they'll only get scared for a while, and then off they go, playing together, running, screaming and fight and it gets on my nerves when they over do it and starts to cry and whine. Drives me up the wall!

They're more scared of their father, despite him being the more down-to-earth, gentle and calm. Yup, my nice, gentle and down-to-earth hubby is capable of whacking, pinching, pushing, threatening them to the storeroom.

Anyway, back to the conversation, and this is how it goes.

Eryn      : Kor-kor, just now mummy so funny hor! hehehehe
Brendan : Ya, mummy sometimes makes us laugh, especially when she tells us
                  those funny bedtime stories with her funny, funny actions.
Eryn      : But mummy likes to scold us also. Sometimes she likes to scold us.
                  Sometimes she is so funny! I like when mummy is funny.
Brendan : hahahahaha.... ya lor...
Eryn      : I like mummy so much.

Mummy was quite touched at their little conversation, but realised that time is running late. So, I have to start yelling at them to finish up. After a while, Eryn came and gave me a big, tight hug and said "I love you, mummy!"


Alice Law said...

How sweet~!! You are blessed with 2 loving and caring children, mummy!^-^

Happy weekend and Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Hi BabySmooches, thanks for sharing.

You and I are in the same boat. I thought I am the only mummy who always scold and scream at the kids.

Cheer up and have a beautiful Sunday!

chanelwong said...

sooo sweet n touching to hear that...


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