Thursday, February 25, 2010

swollen eye

Eryn woke up crying this morning and complaining that one of her eye cannot be opened.

I took a look at her and saw the her left eye was quite swollen. She had been having a tiny bulging dot on her left eye for almost a week. DH had put a drop of eye gel when it first swell and it was ok for a few days before it swells morning. Could be because we didn't continue giving her the eye gel.Her first reaction was not wanting to go to school at be at home with me. Good excuse, and so I kept her at home with me.Took her to the kindy for a while though cos the lion dance troupe were at the kindy. She didn't want to step into the kindy and I had to carry her. She buried her face in my shoulders and didn't want to see the lion dance, her teachers and the classmates.

When her friends start calling her, she pretended she didn't hear. This little girl of mine is so cheeky.

Anyway, it's nice to be home with Eryn today. Gotta go give her lunch and am taking her out to visit a friend. hehe


michelle@mybabybay said...

It looks bad. Once I had my eye swollen, the doc asked me to put eye gel and cover it with a patch (clean cotton with netting with sticky tape). He also ask me to rest my eye.

Hope she will recover soon! Else better take her to the doc.

two pixels photography said...

oh dear...looks pretty bad!! hope she gets well soon

Babysmooches said...

Thanks, she's okay now.


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