Thursday, August 30, 2007


A few days ago, we went to the top of a hill at Bandar Puteri, Puchong, to see the fireworks in Putrajaya. After hearing about it from my neighbour and reading about it in the papers, we decided to head up there to see for myself the wonders of the fireworks.

Attempts to plan (ya, just planning alone) to go to Putrajaya was quite a problem when the jam from Puchong heading to the toll towards Putrajaya was just simply crazy.

Hubby got a call from his friend to inform us to not bother heading to Putrajaya and instead told us to meet he and his family up the Bandar Puteri hilltop to see the fireworks.

We could already see so many people waiting for the fireworks to start. The show that night was the fireworks performance from Germany, if I remember it correctly. When it started, everyone was excited - and I meant, everyone - big, small, old, young... The "ooooos" and the "aahhhhs" was really amusing.

Despite seeing the fireworks from afar, we could still feel the wonderful experience of a gathering of people sharing interest in the performance. THAT - reminded me of the thought of what UNITY means. And with Merdeka just one day away, this one unique gathering opened my eyes to how much more UNITY meant on the day we achieved Independence.


chanelwong said...

you stay up on Thursday nite? nice ...We were in the curve

Baby Smooches said...

we didn't stay up as planned. We went for the one which was a few days back. Did you see the fireworks that night?


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