Monday, October 30, 2006

Long Deeparaya break

2 weeks before, I was undecided whether to go back to my hometown in good ol' Kluang. I didn't want to take any unnecessary leave when my work is all piling up. And then, the announcement came, that all staffs are required to take compulsary leave. Since we have to take a forced leave, it made my decision more clear-cut.

And so, the exodus began. I drove back with the kids early Saturday morning around 7:40am. Traffic was building up along the North South Expressway but it wasn't jam. I later heard that later in the same afternoon, traffic was so bad under the heat.

It was a good weekend again in Kluang. There's always tons of home-cooked food and tons of shows to watch on Singapore channel. We seldom tune in to Malaysian TV whenever we are in Kluang as we get clear reception of the Singapore tv channels. The kids love playing with kong-kong and their Uncle Kim Leong and Auntie Fannie.

This trip, I missed the breakfast at Kluang railway station again, and missing Kluang's yummy beef noodle and botak curry mee. How to go out an eat when there's abundant of food at my parent's home?

We spent Brendan's 3rd birthday in Kluang as well which fell on Monday. It was a small celebration at home but it's a meaningful one definitely.

On the first day of Raya, we went to a prominent businessman's open house who happened to be my dad's friend. It was a lovely makan love-affair as the food was just simply yummy. I've not been to any raya open house for many many years and attending it for the first time together with my kids reminds me of the lovely racial harmony that we enjoy.

We've never been to the extremely big Zenxin organic farm despite being a Kluangnite and took the opportunity to visit the farm in Kluang. It was really a surprise for us to see that Kluang has a huge farm. I think they specialises in the planting of the red dragon fruit there.

I used to buy the organic brown rice powder from a Zenxin shop in Kluang 2-3 years back and am surprised at the growth of the company.

When the time came for us to come back up to KL, I really dread having to drive up in the jam but it's a decision I made and I have to face the journey. The usual almost-3 hours drive turned into a 4.5 hours drive up to KL.

Whatever it is, I don't regret going back.


jazzmint said...

happy belated birthday to brendan

huisia said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Brendan, wow, time flies, now he is 3.

Twin said...

hi .. haven't been blogging much lately. happy belated birthday brendan .. which fall co-incidently the same day with my son Darien. They much have enjoyed their long break ... spending a lot of time with mommy and daddy as well. :)

mom2ashley said...

happy belated birthday to brendan!

Josephine said...

nice to know u enjoy your long holiday....not for me :( , due to hectic business trip...

chanelwong said...

happy belated birthday to Brendan...
Brendan got a nice bike..

Baby Smooches said...

jazzmint, thanks for your greetings.

huisia, thanks. time does flies..

twin, happy birthday to darien as well :-)

mom2ashley, thanks for your wishes too.

josephine, have a good rest. btw, christmas is less than 2 months away ;)

chanel, thanks for your wishes. the bike was on loan by my SIL's niece! hehe

HMom said...

Happy belated bday Brendan. Ask your mummy to meet me fast as I am keepting your present along with Eryns!!

Silvia said...

Hi, I'm your blog's "regular" reader and I also knew you from the meadjohnson forum (well, if u remember :P because recently I seldom join the MJ discussion) It's my first time leave comment on your blog. I noticed that you are from Kluang. I'm married and live in Kluang. I found this town is small yet quite peaceful. Nice to meet you :)

Baby Smooches said...

Rina, I sure hope those presents are not little baby clothes as they might not be able to wear them! If they are clothes, I'll frame them for memory.. hehe

Hi, Silvia, I find your name familiar but can't recall if I've met you. Say, it would be good if we do meet someday in Kluang.:-)


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